Discover The Maritimes

Discover The Maritimes

Consisting of Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, the Maritime provinces cover an area of 134,584 square km, just a little more than 1% of Canada’s land surface. Geographically, the Maritimes constitute a cluster of peninsulas and islands which form the north-eastern extension of the Appalachian Highlands and are also significantly affected by the Atlantic Ocean. The tension between the pull of the continent and that of the Atlantic has, over the centuries, shaped the region's cultural, social, political and economic development. The region is a world unto itself, a calmer corner of North America, more measured and rooted in traditional ways. The region boasts a wide diversity of populations and landscapes, and all three provinces share typically Canadian wide open spaces and bountiful nature. Come visit in the Summer (June to September) and dance to the strains of old-time fiddler music.

If you would like to visit this region with your group, please contact VDM GLOBAL DMC.

Mrs Danielle Crète
(514) 933-6674


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