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Offering your couch means offering your home as lodging for one or more choristers from around the world!

Offering your couch means much more than just putting a roof over their heads; it means making your guest feel welcome and at home in a new and unfamiliar environment.


Greet the chorister at his/her arrival;

Provide the chorister with a place to sleep during his/her stay;

Provide some meals; (may vary depending on choirs);

Provide basic services (bed linens, washroom, towels, etc.) and a clean, welcoming and safe environment;

Provide basic transportation for choristers (to and from venues, concerts). If your home happens to be situated close to a metro or bus line, please note that all festival participants enjoy free access to the City of Laval public transit system;

Note that the duration of choristers’ stays may vary. Choristers will be matched with host families according to the latter’s availability and the number of beds/couches available.


Provide as much information as possible, so that the host may perform his/her duties with maximum efficiency;

Treat the host as a full member of the organisation;

Offer support and guidance;

Listen to the host’s ideas, concerns, and suggestions;

Clearly express your gratitude.


We realise that welcoming someone into your home involves serious commitments on your part. To show our appreciation for the generous gift of your time and support, and for your commitment to your guest (who is by extension a guest of the festival), we would like to offer you certain privileges.  


  • One Volunteer T-shirt


  • Privileged seating at concerts featuring your guests (available only upon request)


  • A parking area close to the venues will be available for hosts. If you wish to use this parking area, you must present your host ID.


  • Meet new people and build lasting ties with choristers from diverse backgrounds
  • Make new friends in Laval
  • Learn more about the world of choral music
  • Be at the very heart of the 2012 Mondial festival
  • Help make the festival a resounding success.


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For more information about 2011 Loto-Québec Mondial Choral Festival: 514.935.9229

Besides being one of the most important choral gatherings in the world, Laval’s Mondial Loto-Québec (MLQL) is one of the most important music summer festivals in Quebec. The biggest national and international stars perform at the MLQL, often accompanied by mass choirs.


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